Sunday, March 21, 2010

leave me alone

I am really sick of you Purvis, you make me feel terrible all the time. Leave me alone.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Great Holiday Memories

Im back from my Christmas holidays, after some minor technical difficulty. I forgot my password,as my daughter would say...duhh. I have returned to excite you all further with the rambling tales of my many sordid ordeals. Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post, it is wonderful to make your aquaintance.I was very pleased to see that I now have some followers, many of whom have one-eyed gravtars, It is really nice to see you all staring out at me whenever i go on my blog. Thanks Jannie!
This blogging thing is great, I am quite taken with this whole idea of me being able to just go on and on about myself for hours. I mean, Is that really ok? Perhaps I should be doing book reviews and film ratings, hey, I could even do wine tasting reviews , that might be fun, the possibilities are endless. I'm not out for fame or fortune, its just nice for me to meet some new and interesting people.
I had a great Christmas at my parents house,the kids had a blast and recieved a ton of presents, we had a sleigh ride on boxing day and my Dad (they call him Poppy) took them out for a Ski-doo ride on the same old Moto-Ski that I used to ride on when I was a kid.
Alyssa got to visit with her little friends and they had a great time playing dressup, Austin who seldom ever wants to wear anything even got in on the action , he felt very left out without a fancy cosutme like the girls'.
He was quite pleased with himself in Nanny's Red Hatter outfit.

Alyssa looked very pretty on Christmas eve I curled her hair for church.

Santa Clause found Nanny's house, Christmas Morning Alyssa was up before sunrise, she got a Wii and a Hannah Montanna doll and make-up set.

Austin got a Play-doh monkey and lots of Disney "Cars"

Mom and Dad cooked a beautiful meal.

My brothers Harry and Joe and Joey's girlfriend Diane were there.

I had two very beautiful gifts under the tree this year.

Gift opening was chaotic, Austin was grabbing everyones presents and tearing them open.

Austin recieved a pop-up spiderman punching toy from Uncle Joe, this should save his big sister from more than a few altercations.

our pet Mousie even got a new cage

he made himself a very cozy little nest

It was a really fun time, I got a new dual-handset cordless phone, some nice socks, candles ,a chocolate scented bubble bath gift basket and a gift card for the mall.

By the way, I was up past midnight and awake at the crack of dawn when this was taken, and O my god! my socks look awful from wearing them around the woodstove in the garage, which is my little hang-out spot when I'm up home visiting. I sit out there groovin' to old LP vinyl records, stokin' up the fire with a little of the 'ole christmas cheer, its my internet alternative while im there.

I must say that the weather was beautiful.

we only had one snow storm

I used my gift card two days ago, I bought a gorgeus pair of high heel fashion boots. I'll be posting a picture of them tomorrow to get your opinion on how they look. the only thing I didnt physically have for the holidays was my wonderful Jannie, but we had her in spirit. Maybe next year Santa will bring her to Canada!